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Bike Hack – How to Make a USB Charger for your Bike!

If you are like me, you are probably very familiar with bike lights that use the power of the pedal to keep your eye-sight bright when riding at night.  Well, here’s a great idea that uses that same power, except to power your USB gadgets such as iPod, iPhone, or whatever.

We initially theorized the development and feasibility of a regenerative braking system for use on bicycles. This system would create a mobile power source to extend the battery life of portable electronic devices carried by the rider.

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DIY – How to Make Prescription Swimming Goggles for 12 Bucks!


Personally, I have a very bad eye sight which means basically I can’t see anything more than 12 inches away from my eyes.  And, as a swimming fanatic, I used to have bunch of prescription swimming goggles.

Although I stick to contact lenses and swimming goggle combo these days, here’s a great way to make prescription swimming goggles from your old glasses.

Cindy came up with this simple and great idea to make her own prescripti

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