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Samsung SWC-E100 ExpressCard and WiMAX is in Baltimore!

Well, the great news is that WiMAX service that I have been complaining about for years is finally here but only still in Baltimore.

We should expect WiMAX to become available in more areas and why is this good?

WiMAX is about 5-10 times faster than Sprint’s CDMA network, meaning this WiMAX broadband card will allow you to surf at Cable

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ExpressAdapt – PCMCIA PC CardBus to USB ExpressCard Adapter!

Do you have old laptops with PCMCIA PC slots but you have couple ExpressCard adaptors running around your house?

Then you need ExpressAdapt, a PCMCIA to ExpressCard converter, which will let you use new ExpressCard devices on your PCMCIA slot without any software/hardware modifications to your laptop.

ExpressAdapt overcomes power considerations of earlier 32-bit PC CardBus adapters providing 1000mA at 3.3V and 650mA at 1.5V. With the ability to supply power on both ExpressCard rails, newer cards like the Option Wireless GT Max 3.6 Express ar

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