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Wii HACKING – Wii steering wheel!

Okay, here’s a great idea for making your wii controller into a Wii steering wheel if you don’t want to get too excited and break your nice 60″ HDTV by throwing you wii controller into it for some car video games.

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Automatic Violin that plays by itself, only about $18,000

Yes, that was sarcastic if you caught the $18,000. Anyways, this is a great scientific breakthrough yet expensive as f*&k. If you get one, take a video and send it to max@zedomax.com!

The dream of a violin that can play itself has tantalized inventors for over a century. Now, modern technology has made the dream a reality – and without the use of digitally sampled sounds!

Piano accompaniment can be derived from any midi source, but using Pianomati

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$85,000 Liquid Time Clock, wow!

Wow, I wonder how long it takes to make one and how reliably it is…

…vacuum system propels liquid to the top resevoir every 12 hours, and from there, liquid naturally drives a pendulum that keeps the clock pumping. As spheres fill, they denote the hours (left) and minutes (right). Interestingly, the minute markers only account for 58 total minutes. The missing two minutes are occupied by the time it takes the pipes to drain

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