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LED Swing Wing!

Here’s a lovely LED Swing Wing I would love to one day make one for myself when I get a real house.

Made from plastic with fibre optic lighting inserted. On a dark summer night the swing creates a spectacular light show that lights up a whole garden in the most beautiful way. The swing was originally shown in the “Five playful chairs” exhibition in 2005 and has been a huge success around the globe. Over 30 000 internet sites has written about Sense as well as large newspaper articles in New York Times, Herald Tribune, Taipei Times and Fra

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DIY Steampunk Phonograph


Here’s a cool steampunk phonograph running on of course steam.

This short video demonstrates a working steam-powered photograph on display at a Danish exhibition, though the proud steampunk maker is British. Pato, whose girlfriend shot the video, says, ” He stood there playing records all afternoon, tinkering with his machine while spinning tunes.

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The Moon Cabinet

Cool, “The Full Moon” cabinet is painted using a special eco-friendly glow-in-the-dark paint for you get a nice image of the moon in the dark.

Created using ecologically safe paint (ELI ecolightinside), this “Fullmoon” sideboard furniture has the ability to “create special effects” in the dark. I assume that means it glows in the dark

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CES 2008 Preview – Motorola to present its ‘MOTO Q9h’ aimed at Blackberry

Ooohhh, it looks like they are going to have a new Moto Q called Moto Q9h at 2008 CES. We will be there I think…as long as we have enough customers on EntreWiki…lol…

The only thing I am worried about with this phone is the Windows operating system. I’ve had such terrible experience with any phone that runs Windows Mobile that I’ve already switched to Blackberry, which I don’t like that much either but it’s faster.

You can check out all the

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Lumi Forta – Light Orb with 512 different colors!

Check out the upcoming Lumi Forta from Korea. If you don’t want to wait for it to get to the market, you can always make yourself one.

MK Electronics(www.mkelec.com) displayed its LED lighting ‘Lumi-Forta’ in Korea market during LED EXPO&FPD KOREA 2007, which can present more 512 colors via remote controller.

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GOLD plated Benz Smart tuning-car

Cool, check out this Gold plated car. I bet you will have a lot of people scraping off some of the gold if you park it in downtown SF. Regardless, it’s GOLD plated!

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