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Portable Stepper!

Remember I got the manual treadmill couple months back?  It’s been working great but I found a better solution for people living in small apartments, Portable Stepper!

This Portable Stepper not only save space, it allows you to step in “elliptical” motion.  I might have to get this real soon.

This is the compact elliptical trainer that provides the same lower leg motion as full-sized elliptical trainers but is small enough to slip under a bed or stow

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Body DIY – How to Cure Ankle Sprains!

I’ve broken my ankle before when I was younger couple times, I haven’t broken them since but here’s some interesting findings that ankle sprains can easily be avoided with regular ankle exercise that really consists of you balancing yourself on one foot.

A growing body of research suggests that many of those second (and often third and fourth) sprains could be avoided with an easy course of treatment. Stand on one leg. Try not to wobble. Hold for a minute. Repeat.

via nytimes

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Garden DIY – How to Make a Bird House with Satellite Dish!

I have seen plenty old satellite dishes just waiting to get dumped, here’s a great way to re-use the dish for your neighbor birds as a bird house.

Have you ever wondered how many unused satellite dishes are floating around aimlessly out there? After being disconnected, they seem to have no apparent function other than occupying valuable storage space and being mostly ugly? The object of this exercise is to offer a simple way to make an environmentally friendly use of one of the thousands of satellite dishes that have found their way into the landfills, attics and garages of tho

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DIY Dynamic Hand Powered Lamp!

Here’s a nifty idea for future reading lamps, a dynamic hand-powered lamp that is completely driven by the energy generated by your hand, kinetic they call it.

Really cool, great idea!

Karin Johansson’s lamp is a wonderful and eco-friendly concept that uses the globe of the earth as your source of light and the kinetic energy of your hands as the source of power. A dynamo placed inside the globe converts the kinetic energy to light, when you spin it. It’

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Mask DIY – How to Make a Hands-Free Mask!

Here’s a fun exercise for you, learn how to make a hands-free mask!  Use it at work and surprise your co-workers.  (and get more stuff done since now you are essentially hands free!)

This fast and easy instructable empowers people to make a funny hands mask without having to use their hands. Now you can be funny and drink a soda or go trick-or-treating without revealing your true identity. As an added bonus, this is more sustainable than a typical mask since you can use scrap paper to print on, use common materials you probably have already

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Glow and Throw UFO Flying Disc is a Glow-in-the-dark Frisbee!

For the ultimate frisbee tournaments, you might want to consider getting one of the Glow and Throw UFO Flying Discs and have your tournaments just after dark.

All you have to do to make your own UFOs is to pick your favorite colors of glow tube. Activate them and plug them into the holes on the Flying Disc. If you need a longer tube, you can easily connect two or more with the aptly named “connector piece.” When you are done with your creation, it will look something like a mad scientist’s Easter bonnet. But all you have to do is

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Funny Commercial – Time for some exercise!


Lol… this one is really funny…

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Zedomax 2008 New Years Resolution

1. Exercise 3 times a week at the minimum.

2. Get off the computer and go do something else so I don’t go crazy at least once a day. (it used to be once every 3 days…)

3. Get up early at 6am everyday and go to sleep earlier.

4. Make the new site big.

5. Stop smoking so much.

6. Make money online (somehow…) and make a living out of it.

7. Be a nicer person

8. Driver nicer, don’t cut people off and don’t get pissed off too quickly by listening to Bob Marley while driving.

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DIY HACK – HOWTO lose 100 pounds without going to the GYM!


Check out how to lose 100 pounds without any exercise! (using Photoshop of course…)

[via] JohnChow

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DIY HACK – How to build your own laptop!

Here’s a cool DIY on how to build your own laptop using a microcontroller and an LCD. Well we should really call it, “MCU Laptop” but it’s a great exercise for anyone learning computer hardware.

Ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I could probably build my own computer if I really tried.” Or maybe, “Man, I really need a laptop with an embarrassingly low-resolution display, a processor that goes at 256 Instructions/sec, and I’ve

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