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DIY Emergency Excuse Generator Will Never Run Out of Ideas!

I remember someone sent this in and I was reading the project details for like 20 minutes then I had to do something and completely forgot about it!  Anyways, this is a really cool DIY project that involves nice casing driven from an old external modem box (a great use for many new projects indeed), LCD, and some PIC programming with some language logic added to it.

Anyways, you can see a demo of this DIY project in web form also, I had a good laugh pushing the red button to see the different excuses for missing work.

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Home DIY – How to Make a Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook!

here’s an awesome DIY that shows you how to make a concrete lightbulb wall hook that you can make from used lightbulbs and make your home looks even more stylish with greyed-out lightbulbs that can hold a lot of pounds.

I’ve been playing around, trying to make a concrete lightbulb. Why? Because I find the contrast of blending a new material like concrete in an everyday shape like a lightbulb to be a great design element. So while messing around with these guys, I realized this would be a great excuse to drive lag bolts into my wall for

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Zedomax Server Hogging…

Yes, Zedomax.com has been up and down and running for last couple months on a quad-cpu server that’s simply not capable.

But today I did get to goto my girlfriend’s parents house and hook them up with an portable AC conditioner.  I will not get into details but that’s been taking most of my time and I had no access to my computer. (blogger excuse…ahem…)

Anyways, I will be back tomorrow morning to continue where I left off, tracks to covering all the neat gadgets with a twis

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Stereo Rings could save your life!

Here’s a concept watch and rings that can save your life from various different life situations.  (Hey, can they detect police too?)

The wristwatch aspect, identifies the sound wave and present this info to the wearer in an easy to read display. The watch is programmed to listen for certain key phrases from humans like “Excuse Me..”, your name being called and any number of car noises including the most important one, a car’s horn. This device concept could not just be a major life enhancer for the deaf, it would most certainly

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OLPC has joined Microsoft XP!

OLPC has just announced that they will be using Microsoft XP operating system on their $100 laptops. This is ridiculous and does go completely against their original core values.

They have lost faith from me at least, teaming up with Microsoft is the worst decision they could make, especially if their core values were about not using proprietary monopolized technology.

Their excuse is that they are not selling enough units and some countries are requiring Windows platform.

Screw them, focus on your core value.

What is

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