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Ethernet DIY – How to Make an Ethernet-Enabled Cat Feeder!

Personally, I have worked with many cool ethernet projects and by quick look, this one is pretty complicated yet will let you feed your cat over the internet, no matter where you are. (even if you are in China!)

The author uses a hacked Cisco router and some custom-hacked circuit to feed his cat plus added some video monitoring system:

These included i) being suitable for two cats i.e. not having to use the same bowl (or having to buy two of the same product, particularly if they’re expensive), ii) delivering fo

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Zedomax DIY 127 – Make an Ethernet controlled Color Organ!


For this weekend, we will show you how to make an ethernet controlled color organ that can be applied for some kind of stage lighting.

We will be using the party light we made and simply plugin the

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