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Black Friday DealMax – Buy.com Gadgets Coupons!

Yey, I’ve got bunch of great deals for you Zedomax readers and visitors for Buy.com on bunch of cool electronic gadgets: (Take advantage of them today!)

I’ve already check them out and they are really good deals and you can save up to 90%+ on gadgets.

Philips SRU4105/27 Universal Remote Control – TV, VCR, DVD Player, Amplifier, Set-top Box, CD Player – Universal Remote

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List price: $99.99

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DIY HACK – NES Controlled Espresso Machine

[gv data=”JOPfmQBF52M”][/gv]

Here’s a cool NES controlled espresso machinery!

…a PIC 16F876 microcontroller brain, a 20 character VFD display, nintendo controller, three zero-crossing solid state relays, IC thermometer, laser cut acrylic top, cold cathode ground effects and shot light. This project has stretched out for quite some time, and will likely continue on as I pick away at it some mo

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