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USB Gadgets, USB Gadgets, USB Gadgets!

Okay, let’s do a quick USB relay from GetUSB.info.

Check out this Dog Tag USB thingee, it might be great if you want to carry some memory around on your neck. – via GetUSB

Lindy 57-in-1 Mirror Card Reader can be useful.

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DIY KITS – Container Home Kit CHK

Check out these cool Container Home Kits from Lot-EK. These would be great for quick setup of your new vacation home while saving earth too by re-using.

Lot-ek’s scalable system can accommodate anywhere from 640-2560 square feet, and comes fully equipped and ready to plop on-site with built-in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fully insulated AND furnished. It’s fully-equipped conceptually as

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Venturi Astrolab: First Commercially-Available Solar Hybrid

Wow, check this car out, it can go 74mph! I like the solar panel designs…

From that forward-thinking French company Venturi, here’s Astrolab, the first commercially available solar electric hybrid car in the world. The company says it can go 74mph and has a range of 68 miles, probably long enough for most commutes. The entire top of the vehicle is equipped with photovoltaic cells�3.6 square meters of them�and they store that

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