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Re-Make – Desk Made From Plane Wing!

I will have to say this desk made from plane wing gets the most eco-friendly re-make award from Zedomax.com for this year.  I highly like this creative desk, I wonder how much it’d cost to get me one of these….  (Yes, I’ve answered my question below so…)

As with all aircrafts, the wing is aluminium so it is light yet tough. It measures 2100 mm x 1000 mm x 900 mm. This particular piece was a custom build for entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, but Reestore are now building them to order for anyone who would like to spend $5,000 o

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What is Soju and How Does it Affect an Entrecard (Ab)user’s Life

Here’s what Alex from Net-Entrepreneur posted about SiteHoppin:

Soju is a distilled beverage native to Korea and traditionally made from rice. Soju is clear in color and typically varies in alcohol content from about 20% to about 45% alcohol by volume, with 20% being most common. (

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World Record – John Chow is the Blogging Seinfeld? He makes money making fun of the internet!

As you well know, my blogger friend John Chow was on Entrepreneur this month! He’s coined as the “Blogging Seinfeld”. I couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot of people saying how John Chow is a spam blog but I disagree with that. He made a new blogging topic, “Making Money Online” so explosive that now you see thousands of blogs like John Chow’s.

If it wasn’t for his blog, I doubt there would be such an enormous “buzz” around the internet about maki

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