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DIY HACK – How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica or ‘HarmoNESica’!

This one deserves our attention due to the fact that the creator is ‘masked’ to protect his online identity. Just kidding, this DIY is about how to make an NES Game Cartridge, (that’s right, I bet you got one of those in your garage somewhere) into a HarmoNESica.

Basically, it’s a Harmonica, but you can make it look cool. These days, people will making anything out of NES controllers, cables, and now…cartridges.

Watch the video if you want to see it in action. (Looks like he made this to promote his

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DiscoLitez – Winamp Plugin that allows you to build cool party lights!

Check out this cool Winamp plugin that allows you to convert Winamp songs to sound-activated lights!

DiscoLitez is a Winamp plugin that allows you to control lighting equipment from your computer. This is done using the printer port and some external switching/driving circuitry. At the moment, you’ll have to build the circuits yourself, but they are not complicated.

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Virgin Mobile uses Spitzer as a marketing “tool”

Virgin has always been doing these kinda things, ganging up on their competition or picking on poor politicians. Hey, at least they always worked.

Virgin Mobile Canada knows how frustrated people can get with the lack of personalized service these days. Faster than Eliot Spitzer could say, “Um, oops,” the company came out with a print ad that features the newly former New York govern

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Food Fight!!!


Okay, here’s the best food fight ever!!!

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DIY Toilet HACK – HOWTO re-use dirty water as toilet water!


We found this through one of the commentors, this is a great idea if you are really about saving some earth’s precious energies.

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Sunday Entertainment Video – Amateur Google Songs


Check out some of these Google songs, including the one above. Hilarous!

via InsideGoogle

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Jet Powered Van!



Lol…here’s how you can turn your family van into a racing Jet Powered Van!

So you thought that driving a van was not cool? Think again, with this van when someone gives you a dirty look all you need to do is flip a switch to open the rear window and slide the two massive jet turbine exhaust ports out. Crank up the jet turbine and burn everything behind you! On the track it can do 1/8th mile in 7.65 seco

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Wii HACK – Wiimote Curtain Control!


Haha, this one is cool one to have.

The curtain control system is an existing system from Goelst and is called “G-Rail 6200”. Normally it is controlled by infrared or wallswitches. However, it can also be controlled with a CAN bus. I used this CAN bus to interface with an old PC.

via HackedGadgets

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DIY HACK – HOWTO turn your cellphone into a Taser Camera Gun!


Here’s a funny hack using a cellphone, wires, and a 16pF capacitor.

Take one SonyEricsson K800i, rewire the capacitor (which feeds the camera flash) with a pair of 16uf caps and you have a cell phone capable of dumping those farads into a human body. Just take a photo using the camera’s xenon flash and shoot.

If you can’t read the multimeter in murk of what looks like a typical teenager’s bedroom, it shows 300 volts. Cameron20020, the video’s creator, describes it thus:


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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own Condom Sound Activated Party Lights when you ain’t gettin’ any!


Okay, here’s a funny DIY where you can make your own sound activated party lights.

If you want the non-adult version, you can check out our Christmas Voice Activated Party Lights too. (And yes, you have to use a Magnum for this one)

This project shows you how to make a music light out of inflated condoms and LEDs wired up

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