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Thinking Machine – Web AI

Here’s a Web AI shown through a chess program that shows what

paths the computer is thinking of.

Play Chess against the Web AI here.

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Cockroach controlled Robot?

Cockroach controlled Robot?I’ve seen many Japanese animations w/ Human controlled robots, but this one seems like it’s taking it that to the next level.


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Make a Touch screen Slotmachine and Blackjack in your car

Okay today I was thinking and figured, why don’t I just put a touch-screen slotmachine in my car?

I am stuck in traffic 2 hours a day.

So that’s 2 x 5 days x 12 months = 120 hours a year.

“I can gamble while I am waiting at the stop light,” I figured.

DIY Link

DIY Link [HTML in English]


Live motion 3D video camera

O’Reilly’s Radar has a brief write up of a “3D live motion video camera that uses LIDAR technology to get a range-finding for every pixel” – you could “scan” an area and put all the 3D data in to just about any application, wow! Link & full image.Max, “Kinda cool”

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