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The iPhone Podium

If you need the ultimate iPhone holder, you should get the iPhone Podium as it’s classy while letting you browse hands-free in your kitchen, desk, or anywhere there’s a flat surface.

Podium elegantly transforms your iPhone into a desktop computer and widescreen entertainment center. Its unique soft-snap cradle and smooth spherical bearing mechanism provide infinite viewing angles for the ultimate hands-free iPhone experience. Podium harmonizes your iPhone with a multitude of hands-free applications.

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ASUS Eec Box Introduced!

Asus Eec Boxes, pictured above in white and black, has officially been introduced to the public.

We know, they look like Nintendo Wiis but don’t mistaken yourself as they are only PCs.

We predict that Asus made these boxes to target the media entertainment center market for connecting to your TVs.

With your choice of Windows XP or Linux, these ASUS Eec boxes are a great bargain, priced at $299 each. (Available at the mid-end July)

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