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Kite DIY – How to Make a Kite!

Making and flying Kites has been a long tradition in Korea (interesting that Kite was first used in Korea to deceive enemies at war) where I grew up, I still happen to love kites.  As a kid, I remember making many different types of kites, it’s even part of Korean elementary school program.

Anyways, kites have probably existed all over the world ever since man can remember, here’s how to make a simple “cross” kite:

This Do-it-Yourself project takes about an hour to complete. H

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Ouch “Voodoo” Toothpick Holder!

Do you have enemies you need to voodootize?  Well, here’s a simple solution, an Ouch “Voodoo” Toothpick Holder where you can pick on the doll with toothpicks.

Even without the Voodoo effects, you can probably get some of that stress out during your breaks.

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