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USB Encryption DIY – How to Encrypt Your USB Flash Drive for Free Using Open Source TrueCrypt!

My blogger friend over at GetUSB.info has a great article on the difference between USB Copy Protection vs. USB Encryption technology.  A lot of people might get confused by USB flash drive companies who try to market copy protection as encryption.  Well, don’t get this wrong as it could be very costly for your classified information.

Greg also mentions TrueCrypt, a free open-source encryption software you can use to secure your USB flash drive.

In short; USB copy protection secures a file or set of files so they cannot be copied

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Blackberry So Secure that Criminals Like to Use Its Encryption Technology!

It’s interesting to note that Blackberries may be pretty secure, so long as you are using the Enterprise Server, which I don’t.

I don’t believe that the Blackberries are THAT secure, it’s a machine, you simply can’t rely too much on machines.  I am sure there’s a better way to secure your data but for right now, I do agree using Blackberry Enterprise Server might be the smartest thing for thugs and drug dealers alike to do.

So if you are a high-profile gangster, make sure to get that Blackberry, not the i

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Firefox Hits Record Market Share at 20%!

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Yey, my favorite Firefox browser hits record market share of 20%!  Although still far aways from taking over IE, it’s far better than 4-5% couple years ago when Firefox started becoming more and more popular among U.S. users.  (Btw, Asian users still rely on IE mostly, due to the fact that most of their online credit card systems work exclusively with IE’s encryption technology.  I have been one of those users in South Korea where almost

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