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DIY – Beginning with the Basic Stamp


Check out Bre’s new video on Basic Stamp howto with Joe Grand. He’s also got some pdfs with instructions.

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DIY Hack – Intel 8008 clock

Here’s a neat little project if you just signed up for an embedded computer class at your university…

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DIY – Build a digital thermometer in 1 minute!

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Okay, it seems like the only class I really enjoyed in college was the embedded computer class. All the other circuit classes and computer language classes bore the hell out of me because they was no actual physical result.

With embedded computers, you actually physically get to see stuff and that’s what I liked about it.

Well I started w/ the Motorola MC68 series microcontrollers and it took me almost a week to make a digital thermometer. I had to make everything fro

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DIY – Make a computer controlled party light in 90 seconds!

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Today, I was thinking about how I can turn a household bulb into a party light by connecting an embedded computer for my next party in my garage.

We will use a SSR (solid state relay) relays to enable common AC household light…

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