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Human LCD in Korea by High School students

Good thing I can read Korean, it seems like this Human LCD is actually done by high school students from Jeju Island in Korea. Jeju Island is Korea’s Hawaii pretty much…it’s located between Korea and Japan.


How fast can you type?

I found this site on digg last night while having some beers with my friends and twitting all night. My friends and I were laughing so much playing this game. It’s a lot of fun.

Anyways, check out this cool typing game where you can test how fast you type and also it’s very good for improving your typing speeds. I came to be about 43wpm. What’s yours?


Cool Bike Stand

Oooh, make sure to check out these cool bike stands if you got a bike.

The patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on the ground or on a trailer. See The Video

The Pit-Stop also serves as a Trailer-Stop and easily snaps onto trailers or pick-up beds with the adapter kit. With the Trailer-Stop, tying down a motorcycle becomes a simple and easy task for one person.


Fogshield Smoke Alarm System

Remember the “Smoke Bomb” Alarm System video? Well, here’s a commercial version called FogShield that will protect your car or they have nightclub version for smokin’ up your weekend pleasures.

ShatterGARD Inc., an industry leader in glass protection, today announced the launch of its most recent security offering, FogSHIELD. The FogSHIELD security fogger immediately stops burglars in their tracks by ej

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Microsoft’s Future of Communication Technology

Video: Career in Computer Science – MS Research Check out this cool little guy that will follow you around as you skateboard. This is th

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