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DIY – How to Make Music-Syncing Green Laser Projector!


Remember my Green Laser Projectr DIY?  Well, here’s a similar DIY project except it uses a speaker to send vibrating pulses to the end-results beams instead of a motor.

So how does one go about making one of these things? Well, I made every effort to make con

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WiMax will replace WiFi Soon!

One thing iPhone consumers don’t realize is that, THEY’VE BEEN HAD by AT&T by junky cellular internet connections.  Now AT&T is going to TAKE YOUR MONEY AGAIN AND RUN!

All the hype about iPhone is great for AT&T and Apple by not so great for us regular joe consumers who don’t know jack shit about what really is going on behind the scenes.

The truth is simple, CDMA by Sprint is faster than AT&T’s GSM and probably will be still faster after the so-called “over-marketed” second generation 3G is out.  (HELLO! 

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