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DIY HACK – How to make your own open source motor controller!

Check out this cool little hack, it’s an open-source motor controller for an electric bike. There’s no pictures of a finished version but can’t wait to see this circuit in action!

n brief the PicOx is a PicAxe 08M based digital Controller that performs an ADC of a Hall-effect throttle and an ADC of a Hall-based current sensor. These two parameters determine the “Mark” value of a 15Khz PWM signal that does the switching to the Outp

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Electrobike Pi – Hybrid Electric Bike

At $7500, I’d probably get a real bike like a Suzuki GSX-R600 but this hybrid electric bike is cool since you can charge it within about 2-3 hours and goes upto 46mph. I wouldn’t want to go that fast in a bike like this though…

This blindingly red transporter “combines the lightweight portability of a bicycle with speed and self-propulsion more akin to a motorcycle,” as it includes a 36-volt pack of NiMH batteries

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DIY – Add Electric Motor to your bike

Courtesy of Vernon Slaney

I’ve seen groups of electric motor bikers the other day along the 17 mile drive in San Francisco, but here’s some cool links on the web about adding an electric motor to your bike:

The idea of attaching a small electric motor to a bicycle has long been one of my ambitions. When cycling home from work, whichever route I took it was always an up-hill journey of varying gradients, and I vowed

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