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How to Build a DIY Electric Fan Scooter!

Do you want to annoy the crap out of your neighbors, not by building a 480HP car that deserves to make all the noise it wants but by building (probably less than 5HP) scooter that uses the most annoying fan in the world and its top speed is about 2MPH?

Well, now you certainly can as the guys from MIT who built the infamous shopping cart with a fan have finally graduated and built something even better, th

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Electric Rubiks Cube – Touch Activated!

Here’s a really cool “electric” rubiks cube that uses touch to change the cubes.  I still like the physical, traditional one better but this one is great for those of you physically-challenged. (or simply lazy…ha) (via ohgizmo)


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Plane powered by Oxyride dry cell batteries

imagine pulling into work with one of these 😛

I wonder if this will ever go commercial? I hope so and not at the same time. Don’t really want drunken people flying into my house at night (-.-) Either way much props to this team!

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