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$4000 Tax Credit for Zero S Electric Motorcycle!

For those of you motorcycle enthusiasts out there like me (I have a brand spanking new ’06 Gixxer 600), you might be very happy to learn that Uncle Sam is giving you a whopping tax credit for buying a Zero S electric motorcycle.

There’s a federal tax credit of $2,500 and also California state tax credit of $1,500. ¬† These tax credits are dollar-for-dollar, meaning they will deduct 100% of your taxes. ¬†Also, you can carry these tax credits to longer years if you want to.

Residents of California will g

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Yamaha R1 Converted to an Electric Bike Still Does 54HP!

Here’s a cool Yamaha R1 that’s been converted to an Electric Bike and still does 100MPH with 54 horsepower.

That might not seem a lot but it is for an electric bike.

Electric Motorsport of Oakland Ca debut of the AC inductance Yamaha R1. This revolutionary electric motorcycle is powered by a 550amp 84v AC inductance electric drive system providing 54HP and 81 ftlbs of toque allowing the vehicle to attain speeds of over 100mph. Builders Justin Gray, Todd Kollin, and sponsor Richard Hatfield of Alliance Renewable Energy created the

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