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Electric Unicycle from Focus Designs!

With the last couple years going crazy with Segways and electric cars, we have another reason to celebrate today as Focus Designs has launched their new line of electric unicycles so you can get to work without much effort other than balancing your upper body. (to the left or right, front and back balancing is already accomplished by the on-board gyroscope.

The SBU is an electric self-balanc

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DIY – How to Save Earth through Green Commuting!

With the gas prices these days, it makes sense that you do your part to help cut down on energy costs.

Here’s a couple tips for green commuting:

1. If you drive an SUV or anything that guzzles gas more than 20MPG, you should really either get a smaller vehicle for commuting or take public transportation.

2. If you want to have fun while saving gas, try getting yourself a motorcycle such as the Suzuki GSX-R1000 pictured above, you will get 50MPG+ on every commute to work while being able to cut through dense traffic.  (In Califo

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McCain has 13 cars and 7 houses!

Well, maybe McCain didn’t make all his money to buy 7 houses and 13 cars just from being a politician all his life, but it’s true, McCain can hardly remember how many houses he owns.  (I don’t blame him, he’s at that age…)

In contrast, Barrack Obama owns 1 Ford Escape Hybrid.

For rich people, McCain might be the right pick but for everyone else and the majority of people, I think Barrack Obama will server us better, not because he’s got only 1 car, because at least he can clearly remember how many homes a

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GM’s “Urban” Gasoline and Electric Cars From 1973

Can you believe it? GM did make a prototype gas/electric car way back in 1973. For some reason, it never made it to production but the design does look kinda pathetic and small for an urban vehicle.

If GM had kept going with this idea for the last 35 years, they might already be in the fore-front of current electric/hybrid car revolution.

What do I think went wrong?

Gas was too cheap back then, no one was educated enough to know that gas will eventually run out and that cost per gas would be around $4/gallon in 2008.


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