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Food Hack – How to Crack an Egg!

Believe it or not, the guys over at About.com show you the “right way” to crack on egg by cracking it on a flat surface instead of edge of a bowl like how I do it.

It’s interesting to note that some people probably don’t know even how to do that yet.

Don’t worry, if worse comes to worse, use my method is to crack the whole egg and use the shell too like Nick Vujicic, I am sure shell has some great protein.

But in short, it’s best to crack an egg on

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iDuck for your Baby/Toddler Bath Music!

Here’s an awesome iDuck that lets you plug in your iPod to listen to tunes like Five Little Ducks.  Your baby/toddler will love you more for it.

Need a little company to spice up your bath time? Well look no further as the iDuck is your perfect bath time companion! He is fully waterproof with a built-in high q

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Food Hack – How to Make Banana Bread from Scratch!

Banana bread is great for those hungry moments at the golf course.  Today, you can learn how to make banana bread from scratch.

Everyone has faced the problem of bringing home a bunch of green bananas and having them become over-ripe in what seems like minutes. While over ripe bananas are too mushy to carry around like a portable snack, there’s no reason to waste them when with just a little butter, some flour, sugar, spices and an egg you can make delicious quick banana bread.

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Food Hack – How to Make Perfect Pancakes!


Well, being a food addict that I am, it makes sense to learn how to make perfect pancakes.

Of course, don’t miss the inside-out egg pancakes, these are yummy too.

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Lego Sushi Makes Sushi-Geeks Drool!

Here’s a perfect set of lego sushi, all definitely authentic except you probably won’t be able to dip it in real soy sauce.

Let me guess what these are.  Obviously, the one on the left is a roll with egg.  The center is shrimp sushi.

The one on the right must be tuna sushi, my favorite. (I think it’s called Maguro)

Okay, the one on the right is Ikua Roe.  (Bunch of small orange eggs, real good)


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Egg Speakers!

Remember we had a guy who designed the “egg” phone? Well, here’s “egg” speakers. Speaking of eggs, whatever happened to eggheads the retailer? (I guess they went bankrupt back in 2001…)

More pics after the jump.


Extension tube: Small in size but big in bass Tumbler Design: Relaxing yourself Pocketsize portability: Small enough and carry around on a daily-basis Volume

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Egg Drop Experiments


This is kinda cool experiment on eggs and dropping them from the roof. I wonder if they’d try some memory foam…


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