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Amazon Netbook Review Roundup!

Here’s a round of of best netbooks you can get from Amazon today from our Laptop Blog:

Eee PC 1000H is probably the top-of-the-line netbook to get right now as it offers a 10″ screen,160GB hard drive, Windows XP, and Atom 1.6Ghz processor.  I like the fact that Eee PCs have been leading the netbook industry and you won’t be disappointed carrying this 3.1 pound beast in your bag. The battery life is estimated at 7 hours but I think as long as you get about 4-5 hours on this, that’s good enough.

There’s other models of Eee PCs,

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Eee PC Hack – How to Make your Eee PC Boot in just 5 seconds!

Here’s a cool Eee PC Hack that uses a modified Fedora Linux to speed up the boot time of Eee PCs.  I think this shows how great linux operating systems are modification by uses.  I am sure you can do something similar with Windows, but not to the extent this hack does.

How did they do it? Arjan said it starts with the right attitude. “It’s not about booting faster, it’s about booting in 5 seconds.” Instead of saving a second here and there, set a time budget for the whole system, and make each step of the boot finish in

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Eee PC Hack – How to run Mac OS X on Eee PC!

Eee PC Hack - How to run Mac OS X on Eee PC!

Wow, someone has figured out a way to run Mac OS X on an Eee PC!  Of course, you cannot use your sound, WiFi, LAN, and pretty much anything of necessity but it’s cool simply due to the fact that you are running Mac OS X on a PC.

While many would question why you’d want to go to the trouble of installing OS X when there are many Windows and Linux distributions available out of the box? Maybe you’re looking for a challenge. Installing OS X on non-Apple hardware provides plenty of chances to f

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Best Posts of This Week!

Here’s the best posts of this week in case you missed it:

Bush Toilet Paper is a must for any Bush-lover. Shocking pen and Finger Nose Trimmers are must for pranks.

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Keyboard Cover for Eee PCs!

Now you can get a nice silicone keyboard cover for your 7″ Eee PC.  Protect yourself when traveling against spills.

via laptoppimp

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Eec PC DIY HACK – How to add Backlight to the Keyboard!

Need that Eec PC to be ultra-portable and the keyboard to light up when using at night?  Check out this DIY on how to add backlight to the Eec PC’s keyboard.

As we showed you in our May 2008 issue, Asus’s Eee PC has quickly become a favorite of hardware hackers around the web. Here, we offer the first installment of our Eee PC School series. Check back in the coming weeks for more tiny ultraportable tweaking.—Eds.

What good is

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Asus Eee Sticks like Wii Nunchucks?

Looks like Asus Eec Sticks will be available for PC games.

My only concern is that they might be violating some copyright or patents of Nintendo…let’s wait till they sue. In the meanwhile, grab one of these as quickly as you can.

These Eec nunchuks will definitely go well with the new Eec Linux boxes.

Nintendo Wii-like wireless gaming is coming to PCs, with Asus launching the Eee Stick, a package including two controllers that use motion sensors

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