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Solar Powered Steakhouse

Wow, a solar powered steakhouse?!? Great job you guys! 🙂

Ted’s Montana Grill in Tallahasee, Florida is the first restaurant based chain to install and use solar power.. This restaurant is owned by Ted Turner and is an eco-friendly restaurant in a chain of 49 restaurants in 18 states, “menus are printed using recycled paper, no plastics are used in the restaurant and soft drinks are served in recyclable glass bottles“.In all the popular restaurant has

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Sustainable Skyscrapers

Erin joins our new Blog network site, Keetsa! Blog, which is a new blog about eco-friendly and green. Well, here’s a cool post she wrote about the sustainable skyscrapers, similar to previous post on the Rotating Towers to be built in Dubai. On the side note, can you believe it? I went from hacking gadgets and embedded devices to selling ma

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World Energy Movement – Do not buy Gas on May 15th and lower gas prices!!!

I’ve been getting several of these messages today, so I figured I might pass it on. Maybe we can make history and make May 15th the day to not buy gas and also use less gas.

DO NOT BUY GAS on the May 15th and let’s see what happens.

Let’s make it a world affair really and make it big!

On the side note, we have a new blog called, Keetsa! Check it out, it’s about eco-friendly and green! We are actually selling some mattresses but before we open our e-store, I figured I’d j

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