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My Apple Feedback on Apple In-Ear Headphones

Well, I just returned my Apple In-Ear Headphones to the Apple Store mainly due to the fact that there’s not enough bass compared to my cheaper $30 Sony MDr-Ex earbuds.

Apple sent me if I wanted to give them feedback so I did and here’s what I wrote to them just now: (I hope Steve Jobs reads this and makes the new headphones better with more bass and people don’t really need all that Volume/Mic stuff, it only works on the new iPods anyways.  Maybe the

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Roll-Up Earplugs From Mack’s!

Check out these new Mack’s Roll-up earplugs!  Basically they are earplugs packaged as bunch of sheets and you can put them in your wallet.

Whenever you need some peace and quietness, roll them up like a joint (did I say joint?) and stick them in your ears.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one although my earbuds are handy enough to cut off all sound around me.

“Mack’s® Roll Ups Wallet Earplugs address the bigges

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DIY HACK – How to build a cheap bluetooth audio for your GPS!

Here’s a good instructable on how to build a cheap bluetooth audio for your GPS. If your GPS doesn’t already support bluetooth (I believe most don’t), this is a great cheap way to get all those audible directions into just the driver’s ears, not everyone in the car.

I needed a way to hear my cheap a$$ GPS under the helmet on my motorcycle and didn’t wanna fork over 2x the price for a “motorcycle ready” GPS device so I

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Euphonia Wireless AND Waterproof Headsets – Listen to music while taking a shower!

This is definitely a cool feature. If you can’t afford one of those Kohler showers with built-in stereo, at least you can afford a Euphonia Waterproof Headset and shower with some music in your ears.

Listening to your favorite track while in bath is soother than anything. Check out the new Euphonia headset from Bainultra. Contemporary in design

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Harmony Bionic Ear System

Hmm…cool biornic ears, great stuff~

Boston Scientific’s bionic ear gets FDA approval today, perfectly timed to save the hearing of Metallica fans rounding 40+. The piece delivers 120 spectral bands, which is 5-10 times more than the competition. Hmm…120 bands? I bet that makes the world sound as if it were in MIDI. The internal sound processor hooks into the brain, while the external processor automatically adjusts gain to make speech clearer, whisper

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