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Earbud Hack – How to Replace your Earbuds and Make them Perform even Better!

Recently, my mom has a problem with her ears and we were swimming together the other day when I noticed a silicon-thingee stuck on her ears.  Upon asking, she told me it was new silicon earplugs that fit your ears by molding itself.

Well, that got me the idea that you can actually use these silicon earplugs as mold for your earbuds.  Not only will you get a perfect mold for your ears, essentially your earbuds will have customized earbuds without paying for an expensive, custom earbuds.

You can

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Jewel Buds – Stylish Earbuds for Women!

At CES 2010, I did try to cover stuff that others didn’t cover and these stylish earbuds from JewelBuds.com is one of them.  The Jewel Buds feature “necklace” look to them and can be great both as earbuds and stylish accessory to your overall outfit without looking out of fashion.

I did get a sample (Thanks Elizabeth for that!) for my girfriend but I will have an updated video review of how well they fair against my collection of earbuds.

For those of yo

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Earbud Hack – How to Replace iPod Shuffle Earphones with Earbuds!


Here’s a nice video tutorial that shows you how to replace the default earphones that comes with iPod Shuffle with earbuds of your choice while maintaining the controls. I think this is sorta over-doing stuff here, Apple should provide better earphones. (or earbuds is it?)

via howstuffworks

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Acoustibuds Earbuds with Radical buds!

I don’t know how well these Acoustibuds earbuds will perform over my current Sony earbuds I just bought last week, but it sure looks like sound waves will curl and hurl to give you more treble and perhaps bass too.

Will they send me a sample?  Then I can do a real comparison…

Yes, I am slightly crazy about earbuds… :p

via wired

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Roll-Up Earplugs From Mack’s!

Check out these new Mack’s Roll-up earplugs!  Basically they are earplugs packaged as bunch of sheets and you can put them in your wallet.

Whenever you need some peace and quietness, roll them up like a joint (did I say joint?) and stick them in your ears.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one although my earbuds are handy enough to cut off all sound around me.

“Mack’s® Roll Ups Wallet Earplugs address the bigges

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iPod Earphone Hack – How to Make Poor Man’s iPod Speakers!

Although this hack isn’t probably the most effective way to blast sound from your iPod, it can be a great way to get some more sound out of your iPod earphones 2AM in the morning when you can’t even go to BestBuy to buy some cheap, decent iPod speakers.

Of course, I have 2 iPod earphones that just went bad on me, they crap out after about 3 months of use.  I have recently switched to

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MyVu Crystal Lets you see Media in Your Eyes!

Check out this MyVu Crystal that you can hook up your iPod and watch videos/podcasts.

It looks awesome but I wonder how the actual quality is…

Introducing Myvu Crystal: watch what you love, when you want and look great doing it. Featuring SolidOptex® — the Myvu patented optical system — Crystal transforms your portable media player into a hands-free, full-screen private viewing experience. All that within the thinnest, lightest and most durable video eyewear available.

– Full VGA quality — our highest resolu

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