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Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – CX Digital Media CPA Affiliate Programs

VHi All,

This week we will be featuring review of affiliate programs from AdTech 2008 and try out 6 affiliate programs we hand pick and test them out over the next 2 months.

(AdTech is a tradeshow that covers the latest trends in online marketing, advertising, publishing, and social media.)

For the reviews, we actually went out and hand picked the smaller or less known affiliate companies among the bloggers, who provide better customer support while giving you better affiliate payouts.

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Video Interview at AdTech 2008 with John Chow – 18 Secrets about Blogging and the Internet


Hi All,

I was over at AdTech 2008 today in Moscone Center, San Francisco. Guess who I ran into? Well, it was kinda planned but at the last minute, I figured to get some advice from one of the world’s top blogger, John Chow, and share some of his secrets with you.

Since he was fea

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Garmin whops out an actual GPS Phone out of their ass (or arse for our UK readers)!

Garmin just released their new phone. They simply whopped out some phone features into their GPS. Looks like an iPhone almost, maybe I will get one if has a good browser like the iPhone.

Today in a surprise announcement in New York City, Garmin whipped out the nuvifone, a full-fledged GSM HSDPA smartphone built on its own operating system with GPS navigation at its coreā€”but e-mail and web browsing close to its heart, and a camera built in too. No pricing or carrier announcement has been made yet, though its likeliest compatible network is AT&

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Our new site SiteHoppin’ and KnolProject.Net

You’ve been wondering why there were so few posts on Zedomax.com over the last 3 weeks, we have been working around the clock, through Christmas Eve and New Years to bring you brand new sites.

While they are in heavy development, you can check out our “live” progresses.

You are welcome to register for a username and play around with it until we get our new “tag browsing” function implemented and bunch of other stuff being added on.

You can check our

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Looking for Free Web Traffic? Get ready for Web 2.5!

Looking for free web traffic? Here’s an opportunities ONLY for Zedomax readers.

You can become a beta tester for our newest site, XXX.com. (XXX is classified that’s why it’s XXX)

Basically, it’s a new Web2.5 social networking site that let’s you bookmark, share, and find new sites. Remember, we said, “Web 2.5“.

That’s right folks. This thing is so big we are gonna make it bigger than Google or Yahoo.

You can laugh at us but we ARE giving out free accounts to beta-testers who want to simply promote their website.

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