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Waterproof, Tough Netbook Bag!

Here’s one little tough beast netbook bag for waterproofing/drop-proofing your investment.

    Waterproof, crush-proof and dust-proof Pick ‘N’ Pluck with convoluted lid foam Easy snap anodized aluminum latch O-Ring seal Vent with Gore-Tex membrane for auto pressure balance

Price: $89.47 on Amazon


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Flexible Glow-in-the-dark Keyboard!

Here’s the ultimate traveler’s keyboard, a flexible glow-in-the-dark keyboard that can also be washed if it gets dirty.

Our Flexible silicone Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard is strong, silent and indestructible! It’s portable so you can just roll it up and take it with you!

Never learned to type without looking at the keys? Now you can respond to those late night emails without the assistance of a blaring desk lamp!