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DIY – How to Use your Tow Hook as Digital Camera Mount!


Check out this DIY on how to use your tow hook as a digital camera mount.  This will be good for those of you speed racers out there who can’t get enough digital footage of your own car.

Now, I’d like to see someone put this on a Tow Hook on a SUV to get some backdoor footage too.

What this is good for: autox, backroads, a camera you don’t care that much about. What is it not good for: on the track (you need the tow hook operational duh!), in the dirt (might work, but the

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Blackberry 9000 rumored to come in cheaper and WITH 3G!

Okay, we did a quick post about the rumored Blackberry 9000 without 3G.  I guess now the rumor has changed so it will have 3G.  Duh, why would Blackberry sell something without high speed broadband?  We should have realized this beforehand.

It looks like The Boy Genius Report has scored some more information on the BlackBerry Niagara. Apparently it’s a 3G (EVDO) device after all, planned for Verizon in May 2009. It’s said to feature QWERTY, 480×360 LCD, aGPS, 3.2MP

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Contest – Win $500 worth of wiki pages at OneBuckWiki.com

We are having a contest for our newest site, OneBuckWiki.com. Basically, you have to submit more URLs than anyone else to Zedomax.Biz, which is a social network about making money online. Looks like John Chow is in the lead…again at 81! I’ve seen him sneaking on this new site to see if there’s any new users but the thing we realize with social networks is that it grows slow. But we’ve had some success one of ou

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Replay – Play Starcraft via a touch screen!

Well, we want to bring some of our past back from August 2006, when we all started this zedomax thing. Although we haven’t really gone far above or anywhere, it’s good that we are still alive.

Especially since Starcraft 2 is about to go crazy, we want to make sure we can play Starcraft 2 via touch screen too by reminding ourselves…duh…

Here’s the Replay:



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Yey! We made money off you!

If you are reading this, yes, we made money while you were reading zedomax! Well, not that much but enough to pay for fractions of our server costs…

That cleared, Kontera is a great way to make money. Actually those guys are very good at contacting us first to put a little javascript code. Basically all those double lines are Kontera ads… Well, that’s it. If you blog, you should be using Kontera… I think… d

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