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DIY – Make Your Own GPV (Grocery Powered Vehicle)

[gv data=”zsqzDB-uDik”][/gv]

Here’s a cool grocery powered vehicle from Bre Pettis from Make,

on the brighter side of my phone kicking my ass all the time…hehe…

we will see if we can hack his creation next week using some microcontrollers and motors…

This weekend, make your own GPV. Grocery Powered Vehicles are contraptions that you can make with materials that you can find at your local grocery store. In thi

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Automatic Quarterback

Check out this automatic quarterback from Hammacher Schlemmer! A powerful football passer that throws a perfect spiral every time, our automatic quarterback sends a soft polyurethane foam football up to 30 yards, and adjusts between lateral passes and long, high bombs. Children can set the timer for running d

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Video-Future Touch-interface, Virtual Canoe

Cool futuristic touch-interface being developed…

[gv data=”0zhVJET0dmc”][/gv]

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R2D2 Robot from StarWars available now at Hammacher Schlemmer

Yes, now you can get your own!

* able to react to voice commands – this is probably a blessing from go because it’s the only thing that will obey your orders all the times, unless it runs out of batteries. There are over 40 voice commands that the R2 can obey, examples like “turn around” or “move forward two units” show his dedication to pleasure you.

* capable of playing games because of the infra-red sensor – imagine the fun of playing tag with a robot, can you?

* it can have a bad mood

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Simmons LED Project – LED for buildings…

Kinda cool project using giagantic LEDs for a building!

A giant 2-story-high LED display was constructed using amazingly powerful Luxeon LEDs in a 6×6 grid of windows at the architecturally renowned Simmons Hall undergraduate dormitory at MIT. It’s a fairly simple circuit design that anyone can do with a decent amount of patience to wire each pixel.

via make

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DIY HOWTO make a Hoverboard

Build your own hoverboard using Jason’s instructions here:

via jasonbradbury

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DIY Kits – Real Hoverboard

These guys sell hoverboard plans you can do-it-yourself to lift 200lb person 1inch off the ground, even in snow!

(if you work for futurehorizons, plz send me a plan, i wanna build one… 🙂 )

They got some other cool plans…

The hoverboard uses high performance hovercraft technology to lift a 200+lb rider 1 inch above the ground. A 6 horsepower 4-stroke gasoline engine spins a multi bladed propeller to force air under the craft. The plans are easy to follo

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Zedomax DIY – Hoverboard tried…?

Here’s Zedomax Hoverboard based on earlier article DIY

I got too excited about the DIY I had to make one. So I just hacked out my computer 12V fan

and got my leftover over Pizza Hut paper dish and wala!

The only problem I encountered was that the battery was too heavy, so when I tested w/ a

DC power supply instead, I could get it to hover over my desk about 1mm…

So, maybe next time, I will try 2 fans…

[gv data=”3H

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DIY – Hover board, awesome!

Awesome looking DIY about making a hoverboard using minimal parts.

via instructables

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The coolest table-top LCD

The coolest table top LCD i’ve seen in a while…

i need this since I am always crouching over my coffee table but it would be nice to actually have a screen inside my coffee table…very innovative! via gummyavenger

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