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CES Video – Keyboard that lights up


Wow, this is one cool keyboard I wanna get.

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HACk – Use msconfig to make your Windows boot up way faster!


Here’s a cool hack that you can use to make your Windows boot up faster using the built-in msconfig command.

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Find which Superhero you’d be

Here the site that finds out what superhero you’d be after answering couple questions!

via wagthis

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Quickly Post – Internet Speed Tester

Yes, it should really be “Quicky” but we didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.

Here’s more cool speed tester for your cable or dsl modem.

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Wii HACK – Wii Drum Machine

[gv data=”8FftLxuYzRA”][/gv]

Nicely done Wii drum machine hack!

Bob Somers managed to turn a Wiimote into a drum machine using this custom script and GlovePIE. Video after the jump.

Now if you could just get two Wiimotes running at the same time, along with some sort of foot switch mechanisms for the kick drum and hi-hat, you’d hav

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blind reader-translate letters to braille

Here’s a cool upcoming technology that can change the world forever for you if you are blind. It translates text into braille and lots of more features.

The bridge is a neat device. None of the technology is not revolutionary but the tiny package is impressive.

“When i

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DIY HACK – Make your own Super Bike Light!

Here are some super bike lights you can build using some parts from Home Depot!

I’ve been using this headlight for 4 years now and I’m still using the original bulbs. The low beam has power enough for speeds up to 40 miles per hour and on-coming traffic ALWAYS dims their brights when I flash the 50-watt high beam.

This one is made of 120 super-bright red LEDs, and two 1W Luxeon LEDs &

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Power Tool Race!

[gv data=”rYTVwude68g”][/gv]

You can now watch races using power tools!

It’s a rocket. Stuck through the back of a skull, sitting on an aging belt sander rigged to a pair of sawed-off skis. And it can haul butt down a track.

Scott David and his 10-year-old son, Cal, built El Diablo del Muerte (“the Devil of Death”) for last summer’s first annual Seattle Power Tool Drag Race and Derby. Inspired by earlier events in New England and t

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Google Patent Search

Wow, I’ve seen this site before but it is really useful…

I looked up some “golf training aid” devices

I even found the patent for the freddy connect

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