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DSLR/Camcorder DIY – How to Make a Skater Dolly Using PVC Pipes!

Ever since I started hanging (I mean actually visiting them at job sites) out with my plumber friends at Sewer Specialists, they’ve been teaching me awful a lot including how easy it is to get some PVC piping together.   Well, here’s a cool skate dolly you can use for those action reels you are working on and save a bunch of money over retail.

Just like any other camera movement, using the table-top dolly takes a little practice to get smooth. Use it to circle, or describe an arc, around or past an object. You can also d

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DSLR Microscope Adapter Hack!

Wanna take some really crisp, DSLR high-res photos of your latest finds on your microscope?   You might want to refer to this DSLR hack that involves using a microscope adapter to take some brilliant photos of magnified objects.

In order to attach the camera to the microscope, I found this microscope->Nikon adapter that I had built years ago. The barrel fits inside the microscope tube and provides a Nikon lens mount. I got the lens mount from a very old, very broken lens. I have a m4/3->Nikon adapter, so I can attach this to the GH1.

The first problem that I not

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DSLR DIY – How to Make DSLR Strap!

Back in October 2009 we saw a great tutorial on how to make a DSLR hand-strap.  Well, here’s another good one that will help you not drop your camera yet get a much more flexible handle on your DSLR camera.

A handy little strap that i made to keep my baby safe when pulling ‘one-handers’ and ‘no-scoping’ it helps when you dont feel like wearing a neckstrap but still need the security of some sort of restraint incase of mishaps 😛 it works just like a handyca

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DSLR DIY – How to Make an Intervalometer for Canon or Nikon!

Intervalometer can be used in DSLR photography to take time-lapse shots.  You can buy one of these Intervalometers off the shelf for anywhere between $60 to $200+ but if you got some programming and soldering skills, you might be interested in learning to make one yourself.

Circuit schematics, code, and whole bunch of images are included in this DIY to help you make the intervalometer for your Can

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DSLR DIY – How to Make DSLR Hand Straps!

I am still waiting to get my hands on one of these Canon DSLR 7D camera but for those of you who are enjoying photography already, you might want to learn how to make these DSLR hand straps so you can take better photography in awkward situations where you need steady hands.

“Butterfingers”, they called us. “Slippery Sam.” “Ol’ Johnny Drop-a-Lot.”

Fine, we said. Names can’t hurt us.


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