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DIY Recycled Washing Machine Lamp!

You know what I like about the artists who recycle electronics to make something new?  That they can make something so modern and stylish-looking like this DIY recycled washing machine lamp!

Alex Kovatchev, a European designer has taken out-of-comission washing machine drums and turned them into fashionable lamps.

The lamps feature one used washing machine drum and because of their stainless steel, perforated build and circular design – are quite a sight. These take ind

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iPhone Drums App for Drum Addicts!

Here’s a really cool finger-drums for those of you drum-addicts like me who can practice your beats all day long, even if you are sitting at your desk in the office.

The app includes sampled sounds of a variety of snares, cymbals, a tom and a nice kick drum for that extra thump – 10 drums in all, and all on screen at the same time. The drums support multi-touch and you can slide your fingers across multiple drums to quickly play a riff. And since it’s a true polyphonic sam

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DIY Automatic Drumming Robot!


Check out these awesome automatic drums, they can play better than I can.

I would like to see this developed into a FULL drumming machine with FULL drum sets.

Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper and Scott Barton compose for their mechanized instruments with the goal of exploring new “temporal, timbral, dynamic and harmonic possibilities.” The result sounds like no humans we’ve ever heard. These Ph.D. students built the ins

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Turkey DIY – How to Gather Wild Turkeys!


Well, my friend sent me this hilarious video of wild turkeys he gathered by playing his drums.  Check out the middle of the video where he actually tries to tell them to leave his backyard, yet the wild turkeys seemed to talk back, trying to get my friend to play drums again.

Anyways, it seems clear that wild turkeys like sounds of drums, now you know how to get their attention. 🙂

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Robot DIY – How to Build a Drum Robot for $50!


Check out this nifty little drum robot you can make under $50.  Wait a minute, is that a car oil filter being used as drums???

“The”body for this bot is from an old toy motor housing. The perfect size for covering all the wires, speaker, and other robot guts. (Since I have small children, this is a necessity for the bot to have any kind of shelf-life). Plus it just looks cool.”

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DIY Electronic Drum Set



Check out this guy who made his own eletronic drum set.  The first video explains the electronic drum set parts while the second video shows an awesome demo of the drums itself.

As you will see in the video i decide to use PVC pipes and parts due to that the parts are some how like Lego, but it not so easy, all the mechanic work on this set needed special tools for cut / drill / change diameters inside parts and more, In order to get the same feel with foot pedals i decide to use re

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Geek Fashion – Electronic Drum T-shirt is a Moving Drummer!


Here’s a cool Electronic Drum T-shirt from ThinkGeek that you can actually play.  I’d love to have one of these so I can play beats on my T-shirt instead of my pants.

Product Features

    Tap the drums on this shirt and they actually play through the embedded speaker All drums on the shirt are playable. 7 Different drum sounds in all Battery pack with speaker stores in hidden pocket near hem of shirt Adjustable volume… the top volume level is really loud Black 100% cotton sh

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Play Drums in the Dark with LED Drumsticks!

Now, you can play drums in the dark AND look cool.


Order one here

via technabob

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DIY Hard Disk Drive Drum Machine!

Wow, this is awesome! This guy is serious about recycling. The hard disks are connected to his MIDI system and are all coordinated to play drums. Well watch the video after the jump to see it in action!

Fibra from Belgrade has created an interesting drum system. It uses old hard drive read/write arms as drum hammers. The original hard drive voice coils are used to move the arms. The picture above is the new system which doesn’t seem to be documented yet, have a look at the video for a demonstration of the first version. If you need a larger ha

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Maker Faire 2007 – Automatic Drum Piano!


Wow, this drum piano is the coolest thing ever. Although you do miss the physical part of actually drummin’ on your equipment, this is a nifty device for those of you good with the piano but not with the drums. It looks like there are hydraulic actuators on it to control all the drum sticks. Anyways, this is cool…

On the site note, I have been slacking on posts lately. We had to move a lot of stuff out of our site which was slowing our site down. We will have them up and running again since we will b

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