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Linux DIY – How to Build your Own Open Source DropBox Storage Server!

Here’s a great way to  build your own open-source storage server just like the commercial version DropBox. (btw, is a great service!)

Basically this will allow you to build easy-to-use linux storage server for private companies as an example.

If you like tinkering with Linux like me,  you might be very interested in this, so take a look!

So a few months ago they made headlines on supporting Linux as they rel

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Online Storage DIY – How to Synchronize Dropbox and ZumoDrive on Windows

Here’s a good DIY on how to synchronize online-storage services Dropbox and ZumoDrive on Windows.

Since Dropbox is Linux-compatible yet ZumoDrive isn’t, this might be a great way to synchronize the two if you have to use various different machines.

For me, one the the biggest features of Dropbox is the availability on Linux, which ZumoDrive does not offer. On the other hand, ZumoDrive has a client for iPhone, which Dropbox does not yet have. If I want truly want t

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