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Droid 2 Hacks – How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Your Droid 2!

For those of you who want free wifi tethering on your Droid 2, you can easily root your Droid 2 and just install the free Wifi Tethering app.  (Or you can pay Verizon $20/month extra…)

The beauty of Android OS is that you can easily root it and do stuff like this and the method is pr

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Droid 2 Hacks – How to Root Droid 2!

UPDATE: See step-by-step instructions on how to root Droid 2!

Yippty yo, only after a little than a week after Droid 2 launched, devs have been able to figure out how to root the Droid 2.

What does this give you?

All the super-permission you want so you can get free wifi tethering, delete apps you don’t want permanently, and of course we should soon see some custom ROMs we can install.

I will be rooting my Droid 2 later today and hopefully have some step-by-step

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