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Auto DIY – How to DRIFT!

Way back in college, I used to have a turbo Eclipse that I would “drift” everywhere.  At the time, I didn’t even know that I was drifting but well, I guess drifting is now classified as a “driving skill”.  One day, I will get another fast rice-beater but in the meanwhile, I will simply have to watch one of my friends drift, who has a fixed-up Z.

Here’s a short video on how to drift for those of you wanting to learn: (Of course, always take caution and try not doing drifting in public roads until you are really good at it, you might crash your car

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Motorcycle DIY – How to DRIFT with a Motorcycle!

As an avid motorcyclist, I want to learn someday how to drift with my bike.  I know for a fact it’s much safer and easier on a car but heck, if you can drift on a motorcycle, I know you can go faster around those corners.  Well, just be careful when you try this and wear all the protective gear!

Here’s a video on how to drift with a motorcycle:


Another cool video on how to drift with bikes:


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Politics Hack – How to Embed 2008 Election Map in your Blog!

Yey, time to vote Americans!

Well, today is the day that’s hopefully going to changing the U.S. and the world for the better. If you catch my drift, you can bookmark this page of head over to Google’s Election Map and embed the map in your blog too.

Links you need today:

Google 2008 Election Map

Google News

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DIY Automated RC Cars with Ultrasonic Sensors can Drift…


Here’s a neat DIY of automated RC cars that detect the walls and automatically (sorta) drift.  If applied to real cars, this could be a great way to save lots of human lives in the future.

The car-chase was made by holding a camera on a stick, chasing the cars around. Some clips where made by placing the camera on a record-player. All editing was done in the standard “free” program that comes with a Mac, called iMovie. It is a nice program for light editing.. but phew, it was pushed to make this

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Data Browser allows you to manipulate MySQL database in a Snap!

Here’s a desktop based data browser that allows you to manipulate MySQL database in a snap.  The most amazing part is how quickly you can bring in any RSS feeds from blogs/social network sites as a database table, almost as fast as my finger snapping.

Watch as David, the CTO of the company, explains how it works.


As you can see in the video interview, Kirix Strata lets users view, organize, and manipulate data tables with desktop speeds and ease.

Although you could make a similar webapp, it wouldn’t perform as

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