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Caveman’s Evolution Watch!

Here’s a really cool evolution watch that seems to feature all sorta animals to make a human being?

The Evolution watch was created with the help of the well-known Scottish illustrator and comic book artist Tom Gauld who managed to visualise time a little differently challenging our perceptions in his drawings. Rather than using numbers normally depicting time he takes his solid black characters to depict time as a sequence in evolution as opposed to a sequ

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DIY Replica Fighter Jet goes 5MPH!

Check out this cool DIY replica fighter jet that can actually run at 5MPH.  Of course, that’s on the ground only but I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my garage, great for weekend neighborhood showoffs.

Measuring seven metres in length and four metres in width the £4,000 F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet has been built at a scale of 1:2.

Resembling Tom Cruise’s jet out of Top Gun, it took 3,500 hours to construct the model.

The plane is constructed from iron, wood, hard foam, fibreglass and lots of epoxy filler, c

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