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DIY LED Dragon with Fire Animation!


Check out the LED Dragon, kind of a cool DIY project if you know how to engrave glass.

I have to say that even I was surprised how well the dragon version turned out. Three very simple flames and bit of light and magic can really spice up the engraving. And this was the whole point of this project.

It took only minutes to engrave the flames but I have to admit

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125mW Viper from Dragon Lasers!


This is the video of a real 125mW Viper Green Laser from Dragon Lasers. You know, we have an advertisement for Dragon Lasers… well… they didn’t even PAY for advertisement but I just decided to give them free advertisement because their lasers are so cool! Frank from DragonLasers sent me this 125mW Viper Green Laser and I have been playing with it for couple months. (Yes, these things do go like for 3 miles in any direction!) I have still yet to figu

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Cool HIGH power Green Laser Pointers!

Check out these really cool high power green laser pointers. Although the cost of each is like couple bills, they can do wonders for your next light saber project. Thanks Smitty for the info! Will dragonlasers send us a sample so we can build a light saber? :] Smitty says, ” Been checking out laser pointer websites so i can buy my first pointer and found www.dragonlasers.com They look the same as wicked’s but the prices are MUCH lower. All i n

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