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Power Supply Hack – How to Convert an ATX PC Power Supply into a DC Power Supply!

If you are like me, you probably have dozens of ATX PC power supplies that has been collecting in your garage ever since the days of 386 computers.

Well, here’s a great way to convert those useless power supplies into DC power supplies you can use for hacking, modding, and whatnot.

Why use a computer (ATX) power supply? Well, they’re available everywhere, and they can output tremendous amounts of power in a small form factor. They have overload protection built right in, and even a 500W model can be reasonably priced with high efficiency. The voltage rails are incr

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DIY Cassette Tape Lamp!

Here’s a visually appealing DIY cassette tape lamp if you want to recycle your old outdated cassette into something useful and doesn’t take up extra space in your home.

The designers make each lamp from dozens of individual cassette tapes, arranged into visually appealing patterns. Not only do they look cool as a sculptural piece, they cast dramatic shadows onto surrounding surfaces.

via technabob

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Prostitute Review Site?

Here’s a guy who made a site that reviews prostitutes.

Obviously, you can make a LOT of money with pornography and prostitution related sites but I would never go that “low”.

In a little-known success story, TheEroticReview.com has come to dominate the country’s prostitution scene, which is increasingly migrating from the street corner to the Internet.

But now the site’s founder, David Elms, is in jail awaiting trial in Los Angeles in a case unrelated to the site, leaving the fate of his influential underground w

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Ultrasonic Toothbrush!

Well, today is an ultrasonic week for zedomax.com and here’s Ultrasonic toothbrush to keep you from getting cavities.

The Ultrasonic Toothbrush is the only toothbrush on the market that offers the unique benefits of patented ultrasonic wave technology to attack plaque and bacteria 5mm below the gumline. Dozens of recent studies indicate that brushing with a power toothbrush is superior to manual brushing. Using deep-penetrating ultrasonic waves and 18,000 brush strokes p

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GeoQuake brings you GoogleMaps Driving Game!

Now, you can drive on GoogleMaps or fly on GoogleEarth. It’s really fun, I think there’s a potential for dozens of games and money to made off these types of apps.

The first, taking advantage of Google Maps’ new ability to work with Flash applications, lets you drive a car, bus, or truck around Google Maps. It won’t bat an eye if you drive through a building or into the ocean, but Katsuomi Kobayashi, the programmer from Os

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