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DIY WordPress HACK – Upgrade from WP-Cache and Get WP-SuperCache for your WordPress Blog

I was moving Bedzine, Keetsa, Sleepzine, Mattresszine, and Wagg.It to another server the other day and my WP-Cache kept stallin’ on me so I looked up go Google for a newer version. I found WP-SuperCache which is simply built on top of WP-Cache. Basically, the difference between the two is that the WP-SuperCache also creates a permanent

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Server Upgrade – Server down for 20 minutes

Hi, we just upgraded to WordPress version 2.1 and added some more translations using Angsuman’s Translator so don’t worry we are not getting extra traffic or anything.

The new wordpress version 2.1 Ella does seem a lot faster as far as the website itself and editing capabilities. There is an auto save feature which is great since our internet seems to go down all the time now here at San Francisco… We mig

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