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Recommended Doubts

HTC T-Mobile G1 Features Video


Here’s another video of T-Mobile G1.  I do like the phone but I still have some doubts about the slow T-mobile network.  If I can recall right, the last time I test T-Mobile, it was as slow as AT&T.

I’d wait until a similar phone is available on Sprint or Verizon, I am not sure if I can handle this, iPhone and G1 on the most crappiest networks in America, darn.  There’s goes another couple hundred bucks in my piggy bank, instead of to greedy telecommunication companies.

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CheckTap is a “Programmable” Power Tap Device!

This is one of those gadgets, “why didn’t they think of this before?”.  The power tap device called CheckTap can be programmed via your PC through a USB cable to control and also schedule which and when your devices are on/off.

This gadget supposedly could save your home/office a whole lotta electricity, so long as you can “program” it.  I do assume that most people will be able to program this thing but do have my doubts that over 50% of population will probably be stuck trying to

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