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Netbook DIY – How to Add Virtual CD/DVDs to your Netbook!

A lot of you out there fear that buying a netbook without a CD/DVD drive will hinder your ability to get stuff done or enjoy watching a movie on a long flight but you can easily add virtual CD/DVDs to your netbook, check out my latest post on the laptop blog:

The Virtual CD lets you easily burn your CD/DVDs into ISO images, which then can instantly emulated as virtual CD/DVDs.  Since my Eee PC comes with a hefty 16

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Best Receipt Scanner Review!

Last month, I pointed out how valuable and time-saving it is to digitize all your receipts, especially if you run your own business like me.  Without a doubt, digitizing all my receipts for last year’s taxes has allowed me to fit ALL of my invoices, receipts, and other documents onto my 1GB flash drive I got for free at the Web 2.0 from eBay.

The true secret to keeping your documents digitized is having them scanned on a regular basis and keeping good accounting, thos

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Eco-Conscious DIY – How to make a Zebra Rug using a Permanent Marker!

Without a doubt, DIYs like this make me interested because this is a great alternative over getting a real zebra rug.  Basically, it’s a fun DIY that shows you how to make a zebra rug using a permanent marker.

Kudos for being eco-conscious!

You will need one or two yards of white fabric such as vinyl or faux suede and a permanent marker or fabric paint.

You will also need access to a digital projector in order to enlarge an image of the hide

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Holiday Shopping DIY – How to Buy a Diamond Ring!

I’ve actually bought a ring recently and had this great conversation with one of the retail shop owners, who told me about how to buy a ring.  Anyways, without a doubt, I am sure a lot of you will be buying a ring this holiday season for your loved one whether that’s for poppin’ the question or anniversary.

Most people think about “carats” and how big the diamond is but the real story you need to know is slightly different so I’ve written the

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