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DIY Proxy HACK – How to Proxy Firefox through SSH!

I know there are many ways to build a proxy on your web server. In college, they make you make a proxy server from scratch. Well, anyways, I site hopped onto one of these cool little howtos on how to proxy firefox through your SSH:

PuTTY on local machine Remote host running OpenSSH sh -D 7070 username@host.com

1. Create a new PuTTY session

Run P

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iPhone DIY HACK – more SIM unlocking Hacks…

Here’s another way to unlock your iPhone SIM:

      Download the iUnlock_Reloaded.zip from here, here or here. Save it to a directory. cd to where you just saved the download and unzip it. in another wiindow, ssh into your iPhone and run: mkdir /unlock back on your Mac, scp the three files to your iPhone: scp -

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