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NES Hack – How To Make an SNES Alarm Clock!


Here’s a really cool NES Hack that involves installing an alarm clock inside the SNES.  Of course, you can even use the joystick to set the time, which gets double-whammy thumbs up.

Our story begins with the gutting of the SNES and the desoldering of the cartridge connector and reset switch from the mainboard. To my great surprise and greater fortune, the cartridge connector’s pins were precisely the same pitch as the through-holes for the display ribbon on the alarm clock, and on top

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Solar Powered Glowing Flower Pot!

Wow, check out this awesome solar powered glowing flower pot that conserves the sun’s energy during the day and glow the pot itself at night.  This might be useful at replacing those outdoor lights with a double-whammy pot/light.

The length of time the pot glows is dependent on the amount of sunlight the solar panel is exposed to during the day, but in the UK you’re looking at about 6-8 hours in the summer and 2-4 hours in the winter – more

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