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Quick Twitter DIY – How to Make a ReTweetThis button for your WordPress Blog from Scratch!

Well, I’ve been messing with Twitter today, I even made a new URL shortening called U2S.Me in 2 hours, here’s how to make ReTweet This! button for your WordPress blog froms scratch:

For those of you who want to create your own “ReTweet This!” button using your favorite URL shortener, (mine is U2S.Me, which I made from scratch) you can easily implement a CURL into your single.php to make this happen on the fly.

Here’s how to do it, add the following code in your single.php (This example uses U2S.Me to shorten URLs, you can

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Enter Key Doorbell lets your neighbors wonder…

Here’s a funny design for a doorbell, an Enter Key Doorbell straight off a regular keyboard. (or is it a MAC?)

Created by Li Jianye, this doorbell takes its inspiration from one of the most famous keyboard keys ever – “Enter”.

via ubergizmo, Design Page

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Illuminated House Numbers

Check out these cool LED illuminated house numbers you can get!

i-plane backlight panels by spore for plane address numerals. these backlight panels are led illuminated. they come in your choice of blue, green, red, or white. available in panels for one to five plane numerals. the power may be provided from a standard wired doorbell system or other low voltage power supply. power required: b-16 volts ac or 6-12 volts dc. the illumination is provided

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