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Kitchen Hot Pot Glove that Looks like A HREF Hover!

As a person who constantly cooks food out of his tiny kitchen, I cannot say how many time hot pot gloves have saved my fingers when dealing with hot pots.

Every couple months or so, I usually end up with a nice hello kitty hot pot gloves my girlfriend buys me from the dollar store but I think this Clicking Kitchen Grip might actually let me look more “geeky” in the kitchen instead of a boyfriend who has a girlfriend that loves Hello Kitty stuff.

The product isn&

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DIY – How to Build your own Tupperware iPod Boombox!

Here’s a really cheap way to build your own Tupperware iPod Boombox.

An Easy Cheap way to make a sweet boombox for your iPod. Uses dollar store tupperware styrofoam, and cheap speakers to make a surprisingly cool boombox/stereo.

via instructables

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Make-Your-Own-Straw Constructables Straws!

I’ve had plenty times where my cup would be too long for the cheap set of straws I bought at the dollar store.

Well, here’s Constructable Straws to help you make any shape and size to fit whatever you are drinking out of.

Fun for kids and adults, this set allows you to create your own unique, twisting, bending straws. Use the rubber connector pieces to construct a variety of designs, including

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DIY – How to Make Your Video Camera Waterproof!

Do you like cheap stuff? Don’t like to spend too much money on high tech stuff? Go to the dollar store often like me?

Here’s how to make your video camera waterproof for rain shootings on the el cheapo:

via revoltvideo

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Zedomax DIY 128 – HOW TO Make a Glowing Heart LED Night Light!



I was at my local Dollar Store the other day and when I saw this Heart shaped Touch Light, I had to hack one for my gf.Here’s a quick hack on how to make a regular Touch Light and make it into a Glowing Heart Night Light.

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Parts List

Touch Light from local Dollar Stor

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