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The New Google Phone Out as Dog Food!

Google has officially announced their new dog food for the Christmas holidays, the new Google phone.  This is certainly going to be exciting as there’s rumors that this new Google Phone will be branded by Google and perhaps along with T-Mobile’s cellular service.

My earnest hope is that the Google Phone will be available on CDMA networks such as Verizon or Sprint as GSM in the U.S. still has a long ways to go before it’s usable, especially with

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Dog DIY – How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Using Natural Substances!

I have to admit to being bitten by fleas for like a 6-month period while I was watching my friend’s flea-ridden dog, flea bites are nasty and they can make babies pretty quickly and take over your whole home in just matter of weeks.

Anyways, I am glad THAT is over but I found an interesting article that shows you different ways you can get rid of dog fleas, all using natural substances.  My favorite is the garlic solution, I happened to smell really bad after eating a lot of Korean BBQ, that will definitely work even on fleas.  I am sure all these methods work on cats too.

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