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Ultrasonic Eye Correction Device From Japan!

Here’s a device from Japan that could possibly correct your eyesight without the use of laser eye surgery.

The device works using ultrasonic to correct your nearsightedness.

Well, such a device would never be legalized in America simply due to the fact that doctors would protest and they’d make a lot less money to, let me add.

If this device works well, I might be heading over to Japan later to get my hands on one, my eyes are soooo bad. (minus 10)

Brave souls need only to place the contraption in front of one eye a

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German Mom puts her baby on sale at eBay!

A German mom put her baby on sale at eBay for 1 euro.  Of course, it was just a joke but… remember this, “THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!”

Didn’t the doctors tell her this when she left the hospital?

A woman who earlier tried to sell her baby on eBay was reunited with the infant after being investigated by German authorities. The police were alerted after several people called to complain about the eBay auction offering the 8 month old because he “cries too much,” the opening bid was for just 1 Euro. eBay, as expected, removed the auction as soon as

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Use SleepTrek to follow your Sleep Patterns!

Here’s an interesting sleep gadget that can track your sleeping patterns. If you don’t want to rely on sleep experts/doctors, this might be the best alternative.

SleepTrek3 will make the benefit of sleep study available to many people who would otherwise not have been studied because they would not have met the high criteria to receive a doctor’s order for a full-study in a sleep lab,” said Everett Pizzuti, President and COO of Astro-Med, Inc.

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