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Sanyo Z2000 HD Projector does 80-inches HD!

For the ultimate DLP TV, you might want to consider this Sanyo Z2000 HD Projector instead, capable of projecting 80-inches of viewing HD.

All said, for the price of this projector overseas, it’s a bargain. The only downsides are that you have to replace the lamp after so many hours, which is not inexpensive. But for a home theater–WOW! This would sure inspire me to stay home and watch movies–and save the 1800 yen it costs to watch them in Japan! On that note, purchasing this projector in Japan at the current going price of 268,000

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DLP TV HACK – How to Reset Your Samsung DLP TV Lamp Hours Setting!

Well, today, my 42″ Samsung DLP TV I bought in 2005 broke down on me.  The only thing I got from the TV was a Lamp LED going on and off.

So I figured that it was time for the Lamp to be swapped out for a new one.

Before doing that, I ran into this blog posts about how to reset the Lamp hour setting on the Samsung DLP TV.

Once I resetted the Lamp hour, my TV started working again!  Yey, I guess the manufacturer, Samsung, put an hourly limit on the lamp so you replace the lamp but hey, why replace it until it’s truly broken?

Here’s the simple in

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